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About Us

Electro-Mec Products is LSIS's authorized national distributor of Electrical and Automation equipment & systems. We distribute LSIS's product line throughout the United States and Canada. All the staffs here at Electro-Mec Products interact on a daily basis with both our customers and providers to guarantee the most up to date and flawless information. 
Our company strives to reduce the maintenance costs in order to offer competitive price while providing maximum satisfaction and assistance to our customers. To achieve our company goals of marketable values and premium services, our knowledgeable sales agents and technicians cooperate to offer accessible, economical, and high quality electrical and automation equipments. Technical support and customer service is always available at your fingertips. To assist you in choosing, purchasing, and maintaining your items, our technical support and customer service are always there to guide you in any way. We will help you with any mishaps and even offer worry-free repairs for any unexpected difficulties. 
You can contact us anytime via phone, fax, mail, e-mail or simply through our website for immediate feedback. By purchasing from our product line, your company will be reassured in knowing that our professionalism and efficiency will be able to assist you in any situation. We thank you very much for your business and interest in LSIS products. 

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